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1HMPS Retro Episode 9 - Sega Dreamcast, We Salute You!
June 19, 2011 02:54 PM PDT

Welcome back to another episode of the worlds greats retro gaming podcast "1HMPS Retro"

In todays episode Your 2 hosts are Andy & Glenn.

So in episode 9 of 1HMPS Retro we bring you loads of retro gaming chit chat such as

What we been playing

The Trapdoor
Jack the Nipper 2

The topic of the month

The rise and fall of the Dreamcast

System of the month

The C64

All that plus loads fun & games.

Please help support the podcast by subscribing to iTunes and giving us a review too.

1HMPS Retro Episode 8 - Spike & Hammer The Revenge
June 12, 2011 02:57 AM PDT

Spike & Hammer aka Andy & Swainy are back for another podcast.

This week the 1HMPS Retro lads talk about

What they been doing.

Swainy has a case of Shingles,Andy talks about the what he did on his last day on earth.

What they been playing.

Andy and Swainy talk at length about Double Dragon 2,Streets of Rage Remake.

The rise and fall of the arcades
And the upcoming retro meet up + loads of other related + retro gaming related topics.

So make yourself a cup of tea put your feet up and listen to the best UK Retro gaming podcast out there.

1HMPS Retro Episode 7 - 2 Crude Dudes & A Podcast
June 03, 2011 09:54 PM PDT

The all new and improved 1HMPS Retro podcast returns once again for another weekly instalment.

Today's show is Hosted by Malc1976 and ZXSpecstar(the new site team member)

This show consists of loads Retro gaming related topics such as

How the American retro gaming scene differed to the UK retro scene,
A certain Eastender star gets a Ticket,
The terrible ZX Spectrum game - Human killing machine,
Castlevania SOTN,CJ Elephants Antics and Data East's 2 Crude Dudes + loads more retro gaming chit chat.

If you like the show please feel free to comment and also to help us out even more please subscribe and give us a iTunes review.

1HMPS Retro Episode 6 - Retro gaming & Suit of armour!
May 27, 2011 02:55 AM PDT

The 1st of the new and improved podcast! 1HMPS Retro goes Weekly!

So why have we gone weekly?
Well we love taking about retro game and we aim to have the UK number 1 Retro gaming podcast.

In this episodes Malc and Andy are your host this time round and they tell you
What they have been upto
What the been playing
Game reviews
And Malc's childhood dream?
All that and loads more retro gaming chit chat.

Hope you all enjoy the show and please please help us out by subscribing and give us iTunes reviews.

Enjoy the show.

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