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1HMPS Retro Episode 19 - Game Over?
August 23, 2011 02:48 PM PDT
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(this podcast has not been edited!)
Hi there Retro gaming fans,welcome back to another episode of 1HMPS Retro, todays your hosts are Andy,Glenn,Swainy and Malc (Tony couldnt make this episode as he was looking after his little boy)

in this episode I just wanted to let you all know that this is my last podcast and that I will also be leaving the site too and stop making video reviews too.

(All my reason are explained on the podcast but I thought I would blog about it hear too.)

I thought I'd owe it to everyone and tell you the reason behind me leaving.

The main thing is I want to concentrate more time with my wife and my kids as podcasting really does take up a lot of time and time is something I really havent got anymore since I do shift work.

Now I did think about taking a back step, which is why Tony edited the last podcast but that one week I had off made me realise how much I needed to give it all up.

Now please dont get me wrong I really enjoyed podcasting every week and I have made some amazing friends the co hosts,the communtiy but the truth of the matter is I need to move on from the site and podcast and do other things in my spare time.

Another reason I have had to give up the podcast is financial reasons, the podcast was costing me around £26-28 a month and I always struggled to pay that on a monthly basis and it also got me thinking that, that money could have gone into something else, maybe toward a holiday for me and my Mrs or maybe into a savings account for my kids.

But I think the main reason is that I just lost the passion for it, it became hard work and something I dreaded doing, it became a bit of a obsession I was always trying to out do the previous podcast and try get the audio just right.

I just wanted to clarify that I will not be shutting down the site and that I will continue to pay the yearly site hosting fee's, the site will carry one with the other members of the team and the community.

Just wanted to thanks the 1HMPS Retro team, who I consider friends(and i will continue to chat to and meet up with)

you guys were the best and still are and I couldn't of done any of this with out there help and support.

Big thanks to all our forum members who have been fantastic and extremely supportive

and thanks to all our listeners who have who have listened to us on a weekly basis and big thanks to all our special guest on the podcast.

I'm hoping that the site will keep going and getting better and stronger.

Thanks everyone its been a right blast and one hell of a ride and Ive enjoyed every single moment here on the site but its time for me to concentrate on my family 100%

cheers guys and please stay in touch


1HMPS Retro - Episode 18 - Skate or Die!
August 21, 2011 03:12 PM PDT
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Hello retro gaming fans, welcome back to another fun filled episode of 1HMPS Retro.
Today your 2 hosts are Malc and Tony and the tell you what they been up to

The games they talk about are


720 Degrees



The Topic of the month is

Sonic the hedgehog

Quiz Master

This time its Tony's turn to be the Quiz Master, Will Malc be able to get 5/5? or will he score lower than Glenn?

Community Q&A

The lads answer your questions that the community have put forward

Oliver Twins competition

Who will win the signed photo of the Oliver Twins?

Big thanks

To Tony & Malc who both helped me out by editing the podcast, each of them edited there own version of the podcast, the one your are listening to is the one that Tony edited.

To the Oliver Twins for the signed photo of them

and everyone on the forum and our listenerssmiley

1HMPS Retro Episode 17 - Steve Benway
August 15, 2011 09:27 AM PDT
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Hello retro gaming fans, we are back again with another fantastic episode of 1HMPS Retro and this time we have Game collector and Youtube channel extraordinaire, the legend that is .....Steve Benway!

Malc is the host this time and he finds out about how Steve got into gaming and what were his early gaming experience were.

Steve also talks about his gaming collection and druken Shenmue video + loads more

If you want to find out more about the legend that is Steve Benway then sit back and have a few beers and enjoy this great interview.

If you would like to check out Steve Benway's youtube channel here is the link http://www.youtube.com/user/SteveBenway

Why not also check out Steve's site http://www.retrogamingcollector.com/

Big thanks to Steve for being a guest on the podcast and big thanks to Malc for doing a amazing interview.

Please subscribe and give us a itunes review.

1HMPS Retro Episode 16 - AspergerGamer64 & Retro Gaming Chit Chat
August 08, 2011 01:41 AM PDT
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Hello Retro gaming fans welcome back to a ultra long and ultra fantastic episode of 1HMPS Retro.

In episode 16 we have Andy and Tony as your hosts and our first community guest AspergerGamer64 who pops up in the topic of the month as community guest.

Both host may sound a little tired as they were up in the early ours due to crappy shifts at work.

Tony once again is on top form especially this time as he helps a drunken Andy through the podcast and has to holds the sick bucket for him.

The lads tell you what they been upto

They games they talk about are!

Sam and Max hit the road

Dungeon keeper


Wave Race 64

Topic of the month is

Community guest AspergerGamer64

Q&A + Sights on sites + loads more

Please feel free to comment and give us your feed back and most of please give us a iTunes review as it helps out loads.

1HMPS Retro Episode 15 - Win a signed photo of the Oliver Twins
July 31, 2011 03:02 PM PDT
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Hello Retro gaming fans

We are back once again for another retro fantastic episode of 1HMPS Retro.

In today's episode we have some amazing retro gaming content + a prize give away that you can win on episode 18 of 1HMPS Retro.

Today your 2 hosts are Andy and Glenn

The lads talk about what they have been upto

They also review a few games

Stunt Racer FX
Cannon Fodder
Super Castlevania 4
Super Mario Land

Topic of the month


Quiz Master

Today Andy is the Quiz Master, and will test Glenns retro gaming knowledge, will Glenn get 5 out of 5 or will he do better or worse than he did last time on the Quiz Master?


More Community Q&A, what will the retro team get asked this time?


the 1st 1HMPS Retro competition, you can win a signed photo of the Oliver Twins.
to enter this comption and to be in with a chance to win the prize please click on the link below.

(You can only win this prize by going to the forum link)

Big thanks to the Oliver Twins for the signed photo

special thanks to Lorfarius for a 5 star itunes review

also big thanks to our listeners/community and the rest of the team.

1HMPS Retro Episode 14 - Beware the Spectrum Mafia
July 24, 2011 02:26 PM PDT
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The European Nominated podcast , 1HMPS Retro is is back for episode 14.

Your 2 hosts today are the Outtake king Malc and Mr Enthusiastic Glenn.

Today the guys tell you what they been up to

Malc tells us he has been playing a bit of SF4 and tells us a bit about a upcoming podcast and Glenn has been cut of from the rest of the world on holiday and also playing Bingo.

The game that the 1HMPS Retro team talk about today are


Metro Cross



The Topic of the month is

The Atari ST

The top 5 Games

A new section that Glenn and Malc put together where they talk about there favourite 5 games ever!

Quiz Master

Malc is the Quiz Master this time, will Glenn score a perfect 5/5 like Andy did the previous week?

Community Q&A

The 1HMPS Retro community ask our 2 hosts some great questions

+ load more retro gaming chit chat and laughter in this Retro packed episode of 1HMPS Retro!

Please subscribe to us via Itunes and also if you haven't already please leave us a great review on Itunes too.

Lets see if we can get 20 reviews by Septembersmiley

1HMPS Retro Episode 13 - Unlucky for some?
July 17, 2011 03:16 PM PDT
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Hello 1HMPS Retro fans, we are back again for more retro fun in Episode 13 of 1HMPS Retro

Today your 2 hosts are Andy and Malc.

In this episode the 1HMPS Retro lads talk about

Episode 12 which featured retro gaming legends the Oliver Twins

Malc briefly tells us a little bit about his upcoming interview with Steve Benway

The lads also discuss Dynamite Dux,Pac-Land,Soul Reaver and Wonder Boy 3 the Dragons Trap.

Also in this weeks podcast

Topic of the month which is - Loading screens

The return of the Quiz Master, this time Malc tests Andy knowledge of retro gaming.

The Community QnA

Plus loads more retro gaming chit chat and fun and games.

Big thanks to all the community and other site team members.

Enjoy the show.

1HMPS Retro Episode 12 - An interview with the Oliver Twins.
July 10, 2011 03:16 PM PDT

1HMPS Retro is happy to announce that for this episode we manage to land a interview with the creators of the Dizzy games, the Oliver Twins.

In Episode 12 your host is Andy and the guests are non other than Philip and Andrew Oliver.

We talk to the Oliver's about how they got into gaming

What machines they owned

When they appeared on the Saturday show

Meeting the Darling brother and working for Codemasters

Creating the ZX Spectrums most iconic gaming character "Dizzy"

And loads more about the Oliver Twins about the past present and future in the gaming industry


So stick the kettle on and make yourself a nice cuppa and grab a few biscuits and enjoy the interview  with the Fantastic Oliver Twins.


(Note from Andy host of 1HMPS Retro)

I Just wanted to take the time to say I had a great time interviewing the Oliver Twins, I'm sure you all know that I am a huge fan of the Dizzy games, so it was a real pleasure speaking to both Andrew and Philip.

A lot of the times when you get to meet your heroes you are left feeling some what disappointed, but this was not the case for me as I found both Oliver's to be really friendly, down to earth,funny and very professional and they exceed all my expectations

It was a real honour for me to speak to the them and I'm ever so grateful that they took the time to appear on the 1HMPS Retro Podcast.


So big thanks to Philip and Andrew Oliver for doing the interview....those guys are the best!

P.s Did I mention that was only part 1, more on that sometime latersmiley

1HMPS Retro Episode 11 - Waggle My Joystick
July 03, 2011 03:03 PM PDT

In today’s episode of 1HMPS Retro your 2 hosts are Malc and Andy.

The lads tell you what they been up to.
Playing MameHub
Malc is the 1HMPS Retro gaming champ by defeating community member Teol
Andy talks about the Retro meet up that happened a few weeks ago.

They also discus the games they have been playing
Cannon Spike
Bruce Lee

The topic of the month is Controllers and Joysticks
Andy and Malc talk about the best and the worst controllers
Andy tells a story about when he got caught waggling his joystick.
Malc also has a story about an ex and an arcade cabinet

Next up is the Sights on sites section
This is where the guys look at posts and threads from the forum + site
They also discus future plans for the site

The Quiz Master finally returns
Andy surprises Malc with the return of the quiz… Quiz Master.
How well will Malc do? As Andy fires out the questions this time round.

All that and loads more on Episode 11 of 1HMPS Retro……..One more thing right at the end there is a little treat for those of you who know what episode 12 will be about.

1HMPS Retro Episode 10 - Hail to the king baby!
June 26, 2011 01:59 PM PDT

1HMPS Retro has hit one of its 1st land marks as this is the 10th episode of the UK's #1 retro gaming podcast.

The 1HMPS Retro team are back for another fun filled retro action packed episode

So this time round, its Malc and ZXSpecstar are at the helm of the podcast and they talk about a number of things such as...

The 10th episode

The 1HMPS Retro Meet up at the Trocadero in London

Duke Nukem For Ever

And the guys talk about the worst of the worst games and how those game stunk up the place.

All that plus loads more.

Also the 1HMPS Retro Team would like to give a few Shout Outs.

A big Shout and thanks to Dav, who was kind enough to donate to the site...cheers Davsmiley

And also our Itunes reviews, we now have 10!

So big thanks to

To everyone that has joined up the site and have the forums busy

Gemmibabes,sunshe1ne and G260z for their 5star iTunes reviews

Please Keep the Itunes review coming as they really help out the site.

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